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Time flies, and vicissitudes for years. During the rainy journey of over a half century, Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute has actively responded to the horn of tackling hard-nut problems in science and technology of our country. With the steps of national innovation in science and technology, we have exploited and kept enterprising to devote ourselves to innovation of technology and execute the vigorous interior management system and make each industry larger and stronger continuously in order to develop and become a famous Multi-service merchandiser of accessories with mechanical function in China and a famous manufacturer of seal parts all over the globe. We have formed the five dominant industries with scale and nine subsidiary holding -companies. We have founded our professional technical position in the field of and core competitiveness in hydraulics, optical with mechanical and electronic integrated equipment, seal, lubrication, test for automobile parts, and test for condition of equipment lubrication and etc. We have become one of the first-batch of innovation enterprise in China, high-technology enterprise, the emphasized enterprise which is cultivated in equipment manufacture field by provincial government of Guangdong, the civilization entity in mechanical field in China, and founded a scientific and technological working-station for talent of post-Doctors. Our logo of “GMERI” wins the famous logo in Guangdong province.

For innovation, there is no end, for development, it can’t be stopped. Looking forward to the future, there is the brightness for innovation enterprise in science and technology of GMERI. “Twelfth Five” is a valuable development opportunity. We have modified and made up the new development strategy and enhanced informationization management level continuously, and have constructed the new bases of research & development and test in the city of science and upgraded level of whole production base of pilot plant, and prompted our enterprise to enter the new phase of continuous and healthy development. Under the cultural instruction of “Work together and win together”, all staffs of the research institute are stepping forward to the goal of “Leader in Multi-service of Accessories of Mechanical Function in China” with full enthusiasm, firm belief, pragmatic style and exploiting and innovative spirit.



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